Galaxy Life Hack v1.0


Today we are proud to announce the release of Galaxy Life Hack v1.0. This tool contains all you need to master Galaxy Life on Facebook. The tool is easy to use with simple interface¬†for your convenience. With this hack you will be able to add unlimited amounts of Galaxy Chips, Coins or Minerals. The tool doesn’t require your password to work. You just have to enter your facebook e-mail, choose your web browser and desired additional options and hit “Start”. As simple as that. The Galaxy Life Hack v1.0 is completely free to use. Grab your copy now and head your way to the top!


Galaxy Life v1.0 Features:

    • Galaxy Chips Generator

- You are able to generate unlimited amounts of Galaxy Chips and purchase the desired armies, defenses, turrets, decorations and etc.

    • Coins Generator

- This features allow you to add unlimited amounts of coins.

    • Minerals Generator

- No more waiting for minerals. With this feature you will be able to generate as much minerals as you wish.

    • All Browsers Supported

- The hack supports all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and many other)

    • Anti-ban Protection

- The tool have build-in ban protection. However you have the option to set up an extra ban protection and keep your account completely safe. Your account will be 100% safe with using this feature. Untitled-6

    • Stealth Mode

- When this option is on, the hack will cover his tracks and will stay absolutely hidden and non-traceable. This option add more security and ban protection.

    • Sessions Mode

- This is a brand new feature. It allows you to divide your desired amounts of resources or Galaxy Chips into multiple sessions. This allows you to set up and extra account protection. You can set up the sessions amount and sessions delay.

    • Undetectable

- The Galaxy Life Hack v1.0 is completely undetectable and keeps your account safe from ban. The tool cover it’s tracks after generating your items.

    • Daily Updates

- We’re constantly working on providing you the best hacks available and we’re doing it completely free. You will receive update notices when new version of the hack is available.

    • 24/7 Support

- Whenever you have problems with using the hack or you have troubles setting it up, we will help you within 24 hours. Our goal is to make gaming a pleasant experience for you by providing you little advantage in games.


Instructions how to use Galaxy Life Hack v1.0:

1) Log in to your facebook account and start Galaxy Life
2) Enter your facebook e-mail.
3) Choose the web browser you’re using.
4) Choose additional options
5) Save your settings.
6) Enter the amounts of Galaxy Chips, Coins and Minerals you want to be added to your account.
6) Click “Start” and wait until you receive massage that your items are added.
7) Refresh Galaxy Life.


About Dakota

Dakota is a cracking group known for breaking the DRM protection. We are operating since 2008 and we have released lots of trainers, games, generators and cracks for the past 5 years. We became well known after cracking Left 4 Dead back in 2008. Since then our team has grown up and now we are constantly releasing new games, trainers and cracks.