Bingo Blitz Hack v1.5


This Bingo Blitz Hack is one of a kind. With it you will be able to generate unlimited Coins, Credits, Keys and Power-Ups. It doesn’t require your facebook password to work. All you have to do is to enter your facebook e-mail address and the web browser you’re using. Detailed instructions how to use the hack can be found on the bottom of the post.


Bingo Blitz Hack v1.5 Features:

    • Coins Generator

The hack allows you to generate unlimited amounts of coins. That way you will be able to play without any restrictions. Now you can buy all items in the store.

    • Credits Generator

This feature allow you add thousands of credits to your account in few minutes. It’s time to stop spending money on credits because you can get them for free now. You will be able to purchase as many bingo cards as you want.

    • Keys Generator

You can generate keys to your account and open all the treasure chests.

    • Power-Ups Generator

Now you have the option to use Power-Ups whenever you want. All you need to do is to use this feature of the hack. You don’t have to wait to find them anymore. They’re 2 clicks away.

    • All browsers supported

The hack supports all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and many other).

    • Undetectable

Bingo Blitz Hack v1.5 is completely undetectable and keeps your account safe from ban. The tool cover it’s tracks after generating your items.

    • Anti-ban Protection

The hack has build-in ban protection that will keep your account 100% safe when using the hack. We want you to be safe and gain good experience with our hack. That is why we have included additional options for ban-protection.

    • Daily Updates

We’re constantly working on providing you the best hacks available and we’re doing it completely free. You will receive update notifications when new version of the hack is available.

    • 24/7 Support

Whenever you have problems with using the hack or you have troubles setting it up, we will help you within 24 hours. Our goal is to make gaming a pleasant experience for you by providing you little advantage in games.


Instructions how to use the hack:

1) Log in to your facebook account and start Bingo Blitz.
2) Enter your facebook e-mail.
3) Choose the web browser you’re using.
4) Save your settings.
5) Enter the amount of Coins, Credits, Keys or Power-Ups you want to be added to your account.
6) Click “Start” and wait until you receive massage that your items are added.
7) Refresh Bingo Blitz.

About Dakota

Dakota is a cracking group known for breaking the DRM protection. We are operating since 2008 and we have released lots of trainers, games, generators and cracks for the past 5 years. We became well known after cracking Left 4 Dead back in 2008. Since then our team has grown up and now we are constantly releasing new games, trainers and cracks.